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There's probably a hundred different definitions for "Branding".  There are also hundreds of ways to go about it, and hundreds of branding professionals to help you through it. We can all agree it's important for your organization, but how do you accomplish it?

Promotional Guidance focuses on how your branding, mission, and messages are communicated through your logo and your promotional items.  Everything you give out should speak for your company and let your customers and prospects learn more about who you are and what you do.

This can be accomplished a few ways:

  • Making sure your logo is designed so that it can adapt to many types of promotional items while keeping it consistent in its look.

  • Ensuring you have a message or key words which are easy to understand.

  • Maximizing the impact of your promotional items to make sure they stay front and center while providing valuable information about what you do.

Our branding packages include:

  • New Logo Design

  • Logo Adaptations to fit any imprint requirements

  • Style Guide creation

  • Design & Creation of Marketing Collateral, such as Business Cards, Letterhead & Brochures.

  • Sourcing & Producing the Perfect Promotional Items for your Business

Here are examples of the Promotional Guidance logos created for multiple uses:

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