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The #1 Question I have heard throughout my career is…

There is one question that arises time and time again in the promotional product / branding industry. It is liable to come up from anyone: including new prospects as well as long-term established customers. And I can answer this question exactly the same way 90% of the time.

The question: “Can you do…?”

The answer 90% of the time: “Yes.” *

*The other 10% of the time, the answer is “Let me check…”

There’s never been a time that I can remember where the answer was a flat out “No, we cannot get that for you.”

It could be as simple as, “Can you do T-shirts?” or “Can you do Pens?”

Or it could be a little more specific, “Can you get a red drawstring bag, with 1 zippered pocket, for under $X?”

Or it could be more unique, “Can you do custom shaped animal crackers?”

or “Can you do custom labeled hot sauce?”,

or “Can you do custom ski locks?”,

or “Can you do custom composition books?”,

or “Can you do custom answer Magic 8 Balls”,

or “Can you do custom shotgun shell shaped power banks?”.

You get the picture. (FYI - Only one of these requests wound up not having a feasible solution for the customer.)

Our industry is always expanding, with new products being introduced several times per year. Many new sourcing companies and retailers are seeing the benefit of offering their goods for promotional branding. And it is literally impossible to keep up with every new item that can be sourced as soon as they come out.

Many of my most consistently popular items have come from requests or suggestions from my clients. “Hey, I just saw THIS! Can YOU do THIS?”

What have you seen that you wish you could have custom printed? Maybe we can do THAT!

Patrick Gallagher

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